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Pivotal moments call for Pivotal single fins. And if you are talking about traditional longboarding, the Pivotal is listening. Refined through rigorous international test surfs and development we feel that the final fin you see here is longboarding gold.

Calling on an outline curve cut for maximum stability down the line this fin particularly loves noseriding. The surface fin blade area is the largest of our fins which equals more stable drag in the wave. Since the board now wants to keep a steady line it gives you more control while walking the plank.

This firm wave hold is great for learning the intricacies of cross-stepping and other longboard moves. If you cannot Hang Ten, Hang Five or even get close to the nose this fin is still very practical. It helps you learn new moves by keeping the board ploughing ahead and less sensitive to a misstep or accidental stumble.

With this tight hold on the wave face also comes decreased sensitivity to turns and maneuvers. Your board may feel slightly slower to turn since this fin is full sized and made to favor unilateral directional surfing. The trick is to stand your back foot further back on the tail to pivot the board where you want to go. Essentially, pivot, point and shoot, this fin is by no means stiff and still turns when needed.

Another reason the fins tend to feel stiffer to turn is the rigid flex of the fin. They were made to hold firm in the wave face and therefore are not very flexy and tough to bend. This is how surfers want these fins made and we made them to their specifications.

Due to increased demand for this fin from various surfers of different backgrounds we created three sizes for the Pivotal. With a 9.5” a 10” and 10.5” size we feel that all surfers and surfboard sizes are now covered. We also made 9 different colors to truly create something for everyone (colors vary with size).

Without a doubt the most popular size is 9.5”, which suits a large range of longboard sizes and surfers. The 10” fin is next popular and still some surfers prefer maximum hold on the wall with the 10.5”. It all depends on your board size and how much hold you want.

Overall this fin is made for longboarding and that classic steady down the line feel. Especially nice when the waves are clean and lining up and you have the urge to walk the board. Guaranteed you will create Pivotal moments of your own with this fin.

Material Volan Fiberglass, Resin
Height 9.5"
Base 6.7"