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More fin, more control. Same template as The Cruiser (our all-around utility single fin) but the bigger version. 

The fin that won the 2022 Dutch Longboard championships, The Cruiser is the perfect all-around utility single fin. Often called a Dolphin Fin this is one of the most popular single fin shapes in the world. Built with a balance of release and hold in mind this fin is super user friendly, just plug and play.

The broad base and refined Cruiser tip give the perfect blend of balance and release when riding a wave. What this translates to is freedom to smoothly move the board around while still holding tight for noserides and trim. This fin excels in virtually any surf condition from mushy small stuff to perfect peelers.

Because this fin is so versatile and fun to surf we decided to make it in 3 sizes. We started with the classic 9” size and also a 9.75” fin to cover most boards lengths from 9’0” to 9’8”. Some surfers choose to ride the 9” fin on mid length or mini malibus under 9’ long which works great too.

The big brother 10.25” fin was named the Cruise Control but is essentially the same Cruiser template but proportionally bigger. This 10.25” fin is often chosen for a more classic longboard feel on the wave and for larger surfers. Surfs well on longboards well under 10’ even down to 9’6” demonstrating you don’t always need to follow the 1inch fin per foot of board rule.

Fin flex is left medium/stiff to keep good balance and maneuvering going. Fin rake is left medium and not too exaggerated with the same performance features in mind.

Anne Albers surfed the 9” Cruiser to win the 2022 Women’s Longboard Champion of Holland, her second title since 2018. Her reaction to the fin was that she can really, “feel it cutting through the water.” She also added, “When the waves have a little chop and aren’t super clean then I always use this fin.” 

Take note, the Cruiser is not only made for advanced or competition surfing. First time longboarders and intermediates will find the Cruiser is a perfect place to start their adventures in fin selection. This is a great fin to use as a neutral base when comparing the feel of other fin designs.

Whether you are perfecting your pop up or practicing your drop knee turn, one thing is for sure: This fin is a whole lot of fun for all ages and waves. That might be why this is our most popular fin in the collection.

Material Volan Fiberglass, Resin
Height 10.25"
Base 7.75"