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ivot Fun, it’s your talk with the wave.  

The Come Back, it’s what you do after you cutback. This fin is made for pivot fun. It’s a snappy come back in a conversation, it’s your talk with the wave. This fin surprises you how fast you can transition turn to turn and get back on track. After your cut back you come back and are back up and riding on trim before people expect it! 

This bladey pivot-performance single fin is the call in waves where turns look more fun than just straight-off Adolf trim. Still gives enough bite to stand on the nose especially when set closer to the tail in the fin box. The fin screw to the front allows you to push the fin as far back in the box as possible.  

The narrow fin base opens up your longboard’s turning radius but the full tip keeps the fin in the wave. The fin’s attributes become apparent when wanting to get your board up high quick or back and forth with ease. These ingredients for swifter mobility tend to take away a bit of drive and off-the-bottom speed. Depending on the type of surfing in mind, in this case hot dogging, a little less drive isn’t an issue.  

The full area fin body maintains a rigid flex from base to tip, side to side and round and round. This stiffness works well with the Come Back fin to keep some stability since no extra turning flex is needed. Basically, the fin measurements help to free up your board while the stiff flex keeps it as fast as possible.  

The Come Back template has been around since the ‘80s and is built in an array of sizes up to 11”. For a more universal starting size we set our Makai Fins collab Come Back fin at 9.5”. This is still a favorite single fin template to surf after all these years right through to the present day. Similar shape fins have been around since the 1960s but this one has the Inter-Island touch to it. Compared to earlier models the tip was rounded which made it function better and aesthetically more pleasing to look at. 

Surfboards that pair well with this center fin are mini mals, longboards and mid lengths around 8’ to 9’6”. The fin definitely caters more to a longboard preference if there had to be a definitive choice of board. The Come Back is also a great fin to transition up from a plastic single fin to fiberglass set up.  

Whenever choosing new equipment the general rule of thumb is to try ‘til you like it. And we think you will quite like this fin.  

Material Volan Fiberglass, Resin
Height 9.5"
Base 5.5"